In a bid to keep you entertained during these trying times, Nick has ramped up his latest project; welcome to Around The World In 80 Cigars – The Podcast. A flying visit to special people and places, this new pod will enlighten you with interesting folk, beautiful and inspirational places, unusual food, drink, jobs and craftsmanship – and all of it trailed by the aromatic waft of a fine cigar.

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Around the world in 80 cigars

“A brilliant read and an inspiration to get out and see the world (with a cigar of course!). Each chapter is irreverent, educational and laugh out loud funny.”

Eddie Sahakian, Davidoff of London

‘A colourful description of travel in some of the world’s most testing and beautiful places.’

The Earl of Carnarvon, Highclere Castle.

Tales from the Suitcase

Be among the first in the world to try the unique new Oriental Cigar Gin.
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